Flowgear is a cloud application but often you need to connect to on-site, on-premise software. Flowgear handles this with a piece of technology called a DropPoint. A DropPoint is a small software agent that is installed on an application or database server in order to gain access to an on-premise data source. You can also use a DropPoint to connect old COM apps. You then use a Connection in the Flowgear console to specify the endpoint and credentials for a data source. To do this:

  • On the Console, click on DropPoints on the left
  • Click on the + at the bottom
  • You will need to select whether to use a 64-bit or 32-bit DropPoint
  • This will download the DropPoint installer software
  • Open the DropPoint installer to install the DropPoint on the appropriate machine

To associate the DropPoint on the machine to Flowgear, find the Flowgear DropPoint application on the machine (this shows a Microsoft Windows example).

When you run the application you will need to sign in with your Flowgear credentials

And then register the DropPoint to a Flowgear Site

To display the DropPoint on the Flowgear Console, select the DropPoint icon, click the Refresh iconĀ 

to display the new running DropPoint

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