To perform bulk or contextual operations on a set of Workflows, Connections or DropPoints, click the checkbox button at the bottom-left of the Pane.

Checkboxes will appear next to the list of items and a set of context buttons will appear at the bottom of the Pane.


  • Copy a selection of Workflows or Workflow Groups by clicking Copy. You can then paste the selected items into another Workflow Group in the same Site or into a different Site
  • To change the Workflow Group of an existing Workflow, open the Workflow then click the Settings cog to access the Workflow Design Settings Pane and specify the Group

  • Click Paste to paste the previously copied Workflows into the current location
  • Click Trash to delete the selected Workflows


  • Click Trash to delete the selected Connections


  • Click Trash to de-register the selected DropPoints
  • Click Upgrade to begin a remote DropPoint Upgrade

Click on the Connections icon

The list of Connections is displayed

To delete a Connector, click the selector at the bottom of the screen, select the Connectors, then select the Trash icon to delete.

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