Flowgear provides various File Nodes that make it easy to read and write files from servers or workstations.

Use the File Node to read/write a File in a specific location.

First, make sure you have set up a DropPoint on the machine you will be accessing (see 04 Connecting to on-premise applications).

Add a connection on the File Node, click the Connection box and then the + Add Connection icon.

Then select the Edit icon a specify the connection name - a new Connection screen appears

Provide a name and save using the Save icon at the bottom

You can check the Connection by clicking on the Run icon at the bottom

Returning to the Workflow, ensure that the File Node Connection value is the name of the Connection

Specify the full file name in the Path field.

To check that the file can be read, select ‘Run this Node’

If the file can be accessed, the Activity Log will look like this:

For more on the Activity Log, see 08 The Activity Log

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