There are three ways to fire up a Workflow

  1. Run on-demand - allows a Workflow to be run by a user from the Console, or via an API. 
  2. Always On - enables a Workflow to be run continuously until it is explicitly stopped.
  3. API - have third party apps or services fire up the Workflow

When a Workflow is set to Run on-demand, a user will see this on the Console:

An Always On Workflow appears like this on the Console.

Configuring Run options for a Workflow

Click on the Workflow Settings cog at the bottom of the Console to access the Workflow Design Settings Pane.

Next, select the run option required:

If you'd like to run the Workflow as an API (e.g. from a third party app or service), you can configure the Endpoint settings from this screen too.

For more information see Run Now, Always On and API

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