When you are transferring data from one system to another, it's likely that the systems use different metadata, i.e., one system might use the term ‘customer’ and the other system will call it ‘custname’ for the same data. Flowgear handles the transformation of source data to a target endpoint using the QuickMap Node.

Here is a simple example, getting data from Sage One and adding it to Salesforce.

The Quick Map node allows you to map data from Sage One onto Salesforce

1. Before you can use the QuickMap node you need to set up the connection for Sage One (see the video below). 

2. Specify the Action and Module on the Sage One node, then click on the triangle icon and select ‘Run this Node’.

3. Check the activity log at the bottom of the screen to see the result. If you scroll the activity log to the right, you will see ‘Response XML <root>’ which contains the result XML from running the node. Clicking on the Response XML should display the XML content

4. You can now add the QuickMap and Salesforce nodes and create a Salesforce connection.

5. Before you can get QuickMap to work, you need to specify the Salesforce schema layout so that QuickMap can match data between Sage One and Salesforce. To do this, select the triangle icon on the Salesforce node, then select ‘Choose Sample’, and select ‘Create Account’, this populates the Salesforce account schema.

6. Connect up the nodes as shown here.

7. Click on ‘Change/View’ in the QuickMap Mapping XML parameter to bring up the visual mapping tool.

8. To map fields from Sage One to Salesforce, click once on the Sage One field then find the corresponding Salesforce field and click once on that.

Watch a video about Quickmap


The standard procedure therefore for using QuickMap is: 

  • Connect the ResponseXML parameter of your input data source to the SourceXML parameter of QuickMap
  • Run the source node
  • Get the schema of the target output node
  • Connect the TransformedXML of the QuickMap node to the RequestXML parameter of the target output node
  • Use the QuickMap visual mapper to map fields

You can find the reference article for QuickMap here https://flowgear.help/nodes/quickmap   

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