A Connection represents an endpoint for a data source. Connections are stored per Site and are accessed from the Connections Pane within the Console. Connections are created against a specific Node and typically include properties for an endpoint and credentials (although they may include other types of properties as well).

When a Node Property of type Connection has been specified against a Node, it is also possible to choose to execute the Node at a DropPoint. (Note that this is the only time that a Node can be caused to execute at a DropPoint). In this scenario, specify an endpoint relative to the DropPoint rather than the Flowgear Cloud. For example, specify the internal server name or IP address of a SQL Server when connecting to it via a DropPoint.

To support agile implementation, Flowgear supports Environments where sets of connection information are assigned to a profile permitting the Workflow to execute against any one of those contexts. This enables developers to define test endpoints against a Test profile and production endpoints against a Production profile. This in turn means that Workflow changes can be quickly implemented and tested against a Test Profile.

See Connection Data Type for information on how to assign a Connection to a Node.

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