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Flow Connectors connect different Nodes and Node Properties. Flow Connectors can be connected from a Node or Node Property with an Output Flow Socket to a Node or Node Property with an Input Flow Socket.

Connector Types

Execution Flow Connectors

Execution Flow Connectors indicate how the sequence of execution should take place in a workflow. These connectors are represented by dark blue lines and usually connect Node Headers together.

While most Nodes have a single Output Execution Flow Socket, Nodes that permit decision-based branching such as If and Splitter have multiple output Flow Sockets. In this scenario, the Flow Socket is coupled with a label naming the Execution Output and appears below the Node Header

Note that Flowgear does not parallelise execution of Nodes in a Workflow and therefore it is not possible to connect more than one Execution Flow Connector to the Execution Output Socket of a Node.

Data Flow Connectors

Data Flow Connectors indicate how the data flow should take place in a workflow. Unlike most workflow design environments, Flowgear enables you to visually define execution flows. These Flow Connectors connect Node Properties together.

Working with Flow Connectors


By Dragging (preferred)
Drag from a Node or Output Flow Socket to an Input Flow Socket.

By Clicking
Click an Output Flow Socket, then click an Input Flow Socket.
Use this methods when the source and targets are too far apart to be visible on the Design Canvas together.


Once placed, Flow Connectors can can be dragged to a new target - drag on the Flow Connector to move it to another target Property or Execution Input


To remove a Flow Connector, drag it off it's target and release the mouse button.

Assigning an Expression

When the Output Property you're connecting emits a JSON or XML document, you can optionally specify which part of the document you'd like to map. This eliminates the need for an additional step on the Workflow.

For more information, see Data Flow Connector Expressions.


When the Nodes connected by a Flow Connector are far apart on the Workflow, the Flow Connector is wormholed. In this state, each end of the Flow Connectors render as a wireless icon. Selecting the wormholed Flow Connector or clicking it's Flow Socket causes the full Flow Connector to display.

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