This page lists the most frequently used Nodes according to category. If you've just started with Flowgear, it's a good idea to take a quick read through it.

There are a large number of other Nodes (including Connectors) that are not linked here. The full list of Node is presented in the Node Choose Popup in the Console.

Workflow Processing

Choose - Enables branching of execution flow based on an expression.

Error - Throw custom exceptions (errors) within the Workflow.

If - Control process flow by evaluating an expression.

Loop - Create a set number of iterations of a task. Also see Loop Exit.

Splitter - Split XML into sections using XPath and iterate over each section.

Validate - Evaluates a set of properties against a set of validations.

Variable Bar - Create a Data Contract for your workflow by defining a set of variable inputs and outputs.

Workflow - Executes a sub-workflow. This enables you to develop highly-reusable workflows and is comparable to calling a method in code.

Web Calls

JSON Request - Execute a Web Request that takes a JSON payload and returns a JSON response.

Soap Request - Execute a SOAP Request by populating the Envelope Header and Body. The raw SOAP Response is returned.

Web Request - Execute a Web Request.

Transforming and Analysing Data


JSON Convert - Convert between JSON and XML.

LINQ - Transform data using a .NET LINQ expression against a data source.

QuickMap - Visually Data Mapper - enables transformation of source data so it's appropriate for a target endpoint.

XML Merge - Merge one XML document into another by matching rows on corresponding values.

XML Replace -| Replace multiple brace-encapsulated tags in a string template using an XML Document as a replacement dictionary.

XPath Match - Return a match on an XPath in an XML document.

XPath Replace - Match on an XPath in an XML document and replace it with a specific expression.

XSLT Transform - Executes an XSLT 1.0 transform.

Regular Expression

RegEx Match One - Returns the first match of a RegEx Pattern in an expression.

RegEx Matcher - Fires for all matches of a RegEx pattern in an expression.

String Manipulation

Format Value - Converts an expression to a specified type (eg. DateTime to String)

Formatter - Replaces tags out of a string expression. Used for string concatenation or string template completion.

String Builder - Provides a mechanism for appending strings to a variable that can be accessed from anywhere in the Workflow.

Substring - Returns a substring by offset or by matching start and end expressions.


Expression - Evaluates a C#-style expression, allowing you to query values of other Node Properties in code.

PDF Parser - Returns text from a PDF document.

Script - Executes arbitrary C# code, allowing you to query and set values of other Node Properties in code. Also support Custom Properties.


SQL Query - Executes a SQL query against a SQL Server instance. For other types of SQL databases, look at ODBC Query and OLEDB Query

SQL Table Update - Performs a bulk update and/or insert of data in a SQL Server database table. For other types of SQL databases, look at ODBC Table Update and OLEDB Table Update

Email & SMS

Email Alert - Sends an alert from to the designated recipients.

Email Watcher - Polls a mailbox via POP for new email. Also consider IMAP Watcher to monitor a specific mailbox folder using IMAP.

Single Email - Sends an email via SMTP using the provided SMTP server and credentials.

SMS Out - Sends an SMS.

Data Reduction

Deduplicator - Removes duplicate data in an XML document by evaluating matches on an XPath.

Reducer - Removes data from an XML document that has been previously processed by evaluating hashes on XPath matches.

Windows Filesystem & FTP

File - Reads and writes files as text or binary.

Flat File - Converts a delimited or fixed-width file to XML, also converts XML to fixed-width or delimited.

File Watcher - Monitors a filesystem or FTP folder for new or modified files.

Multi Record Flat File - Parse a multi-record flat file to XML or render an hierarchical XML document to a multi-record flat file.

Cache and Statistics

Cacher - Store information in Flowgear Cache for fast acquisition of frequently accessed data.

Query Statistic - Query a range of data stored in Flowgear Statistics.

Statistic - Record progressive transaction or entity status in Statistics for unified analysis and reporting.

Workflow Scheduling (Triggers)

Day Scheduler - Schedule a daily task at an interval between a start and end time.

Week Scheduler - Schedule a task at an interval between a start and end time for specific days of the week.

Month Scheduler - Schedule a task for a specific day of the month.

Timer - Schedule a task for a specific interval.


Excel - Generate an Excel document from XML or convert an Excel document into XML.

Process Start - Execute a Windows Process synchronously or asynchronously and optionally engage with stdin, stdout and stderr.

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