Node Samples provide sample values for Properties on a Node. Many Nodes make use of XML Properties in which case the Node Sample includes sample XML and/or the relevant XML schema.

Some Nodes (for example SOAP Request and Salesforce), also implement dynamic samples. To use these samples, first set up a Connection, then when samples are listed they will connect to the service to get a list of samples appropriate for the connection. For example, in Salesforce, you'll also be able to see Samples for custom objects you've defined.

Access Node Samples by clicking the white arrow on the Node Header and choosing Samples. Type a search term (eg. the name of the type of transaction you wish to apply) and select the desired matching sample from the list.

Once the sample has been selected, the appropriate values will be applied to the Properties of the Node.

Zoom into the XML properties by clicking the edit xml link. A tree view showing the loaded XML schema will be presented and the check-state of elements in the tree will be synchronized with the XML that has been specified.

To build up appropriate sample XML, tick/untick elements in the treeview. To re-synchronize the treeview with the XML and XML schema values, click the refresh schema tree link.

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