The Workflow Design Settings Pane is accessed by clicking the Settings button (cog icon) from within the Workflow Design Pane.

Basic Info


Contains the name of the Workflow


Contains the descriptive text that is shown to end-users from the Run Now Pane or Workflow Landing Pane.

Log Level

Specifies the level of verbosity of Activity Logs. See Low Logging for further information.

Internal Workflow

When enabled, indicates that the Workflow should never be shown to non-administrative users

Allow Run On Demand

When enabled, indicates that the Workflow can be executed on-demand from the Run Now Pane

Can Run Always

When enabled, indicates that the Workflow contains a Trigger and users are allowed to enable Always On

On Demand And Run Always Environment

Specifies the Site Environment under which the Workflow should run by default. This applies to Workflows run On-Demand from the Run Now Pane as well as those in Always On mode.

API Binding

Provides the HTTP method and URI template to which the Workflow should be bound. See API

Workflow ID

Provides the GUID that uniquely identifies the Workflow


Provides a summary of creation date, last save date and the username of the user who last saved the Workflow.

Current Version

Indicates the current revision number of the workflow (See Revision Management) and also allows the Workflow to be downloaded as a JSON document.


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