Replaces all occurrences of a match on an XPath in an XML document with the specified expression.



Type: Xml Input
The XML document to be searched


Type: String Input
The XPath expression to evaluate against the document.


Type: Multiline Text Input
A list of namespaces that are referenced in the XML Document and/or XPath expression. For Example:


Type: List Input
InnerText - Replace the inner text of the match
OuterXml - Replace the outer XML (ie. including the matched Node)
InnerXml - Replace the inner XML of the match
Insert - Append the value in ReplaceWith after the matched Node
Remove - Remove the matched Node (ReplaceWith is ignored)
The type of operation that is required to be completed on the XML document


Type: Multiline Text Input
The value that you wish to be inserted into the XML document. This may be text or XML.


Type: Xml Output
The Translated document.


Use this Processor to easily rename, replace or remove sections in an XML document.


Using the XML structure below as an input


Provide an XPath of Root/Test4 with Repalce set to InnerText  to produce the following result:


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