Matches one or more XPath's in specified XML document and returns the value of the match in Custom Properties



Type: Xml Input
The Xml Document containing the values to be matched.


Type: String Input
A list of XPaths to match in the form identifier:xpath, each on a separate line. The identifier provides the name of the Custom Property while xpath is an XPath expression.


Type: Multiline Text Input
A list of namespaces referenced by the XPath's in the form identifier:namespace.


Type: List Input
InnerText - Only the inner unescaped (text) value will be returned
OuterXml - The inner XML value and containing Node will be returned
InnerXml - Only inner XML will be returned
Evaluate - The string representation of whatever the expression evaluates to will be returned. This is used when the evaluation does not return a node. Eg. an expression of name(*1)
Indicates the level of encapsulation to use for the matches to the XPaths.


This Node will match multiple XPath's out of an XML document will full support for namespaces in the document being evaluated.

See for examples.

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