Determines whether an XML document conforms to an XML schema and if returns a list of errors in an XML document.



Type: Xml Input
Provides an XML Schema to validate XmlDocument against.


Type: Xml Input
The XML document to be validated.


Type: List Input
DontCare - Indicates that namespace mismatches should be ignored
MatchOne - Indicates that only the root namespace should match
MatchAll - Indicates that all namespaces should match
Indicates the behaviour to use to match namespaces.


Type: Xml Output
Returns an XML document listing all XML validation errors found.


Use this Node to validate a complex document according to an XML schema as early as possible in the workflow to flush out problems with input data.

Where it's necessary to validate a document in another format (such as JSON), use an appropriate conversion Node (such as JSON Convert) to convert it to XML first.

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