Replaces all occurrences of a specific XPath with a specified value. Also supports removing of elements according to an XPath.

Version History Fixed issue where multiple matches of an XPath weren't handled correctly by all actions Initial Release



Type: Xml Input
The XmlDocument to be acted upon.


Type: String Input
An XPath that identifies the XML elements to be replaced


Type: Multiline Text Input
A specification of namespaces in the form prefix:namespace (one per line). The prefixes defined here can then be referenced in the XPath property.


Type: List Input
InnerText - Use when ReplaceWith contains an unescaped XML element value
OuterXml - Use when ReplaceWith contains an XML document that should replaced the matched elements
InnerXml - Use when ReplaceWith contains an XML document that should replace the child elements within the matched elements
Insert - Use when ReplaceWith should be inserted into the matched elements
Remove - Use to remove the matched elements from the document (ReplaceWith should be left empty)
The action to perform against the matched XML elements.


Type: Multiline Text Input
The value to replace, where applicable. See the Replace property.


Type: Xml Output
The resultant XML document after performing the replacement or removal action.


Use this Node to either remove certain paths from a document or replace the element content (or the elements themselves) with a static value or document.

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