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Matches one or more XPath's in the specified XML document and returns the value of the match in Custom Properties



Type: Xml Input
The Xml Document containing the values to be matched.


Type: List Input
InnerText - Only the inner unescaped (text) value will be returned
OuterXml - The inner XML value and containing Node will be returned
InnerXml - Only inner XML will be returned
Evaluate - The string representation of whatever the expression evaluates to will be returned. This is used when the evaluation does not return a node. Eg. an expression of name(*1)
Indicates the level of encapsulation to use for the matches to the XPaths.


Type: Multiline Text Input
A list of namespaces referenced by the XPath's in the form identifier:namespace.


Add Custom Properties for each element that you wish to match in the source document. The Custom Property name should be the XPath that you wish to match.


See https://flowgear.me/s/8iuU9zL for an example.

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