Provides integration into Xero including the ability to create, update, delete and query master data and transactions.

Revision History - changed the GenerateCertificate to include the start and end certificate lines. - Major update to utilize Xero's RESTful API

Provides integration into Xero's Accounting Module via it's RESTful API (documented at



Type: Connection Input

Type: String

Type: Password

Type: String

Specifies which Xero Tenant for accessing the Xero environment.

Type: String

Generates a list of possible Tenant ID's connected to that Xero username, if only one tenant exists it will automatically be picked for the XeroTenantId, if multiple exist the user will need to select the appropriate one and place it into the above-mentioned field.

Node Properties


Type: String Input
Populated by a GUID relevant to the selected Sample.


Type: Multiline Text Input
The Request JSON payload, operations that include inserting or updating data in Xero will use this.


Type: Multiline Text Output
The Response JSON payload, contains the response received from Xero Manage.


Type: String Input
The Response Code as returned by the API server, 200 for success, 500 for error, etc.


Type: String Input
The description of the API call selected through the dynamic samples.

Custom Inputs

Custom inputs are automatically created for the node when a sample containing url parameters has been selected. Url parameters that are part of the API call are required, while query type parameters can be removed or added based on individual need.
Example: The custom input "ContactID" from the GET Contact api call is required, while the custom input "page" from Get Contacts is not required.

All url parameters are determined through the OpenAPI document and are applied on selection of a sample, delete all custom properties that you will not be using.


Setting up a Connection

Click the Connect your Account button in the Flowgear Connection screen to initiate account authorization. On completion of this process, AccessToken and Refresh Token will be automatically populated for you.

Most integrations are associated with a specific Xero Tenant ID. The appropriate ID should be specified in the Connection.

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