Provides interaction with a headless browser in order to simulate human interaction with a web page.



Type: Connection Input
PageLoadTimeout - the maximum amount of time to wait in seconds before timing out an action
Type: Int32

Type: String - a string that is used to relate together sequential steps of interaction on the same web page across multiple Web Browser Nodes in the Workflow

The Connection Property

Type: String Input
The URL of the page to navigate to or empty if no further navigation should be performed.


Type: Multiline Text Input
The Javascript to inject into the DOM (document object model) and execute. The return value from the script is passed to the ReturnValue property.


Type: List Input
Execute - Begin executing the script but don't wait for completion
ExecuteWait - Execute the script and wait for it to complete
Whether to wait for completion of the script


Type: Multiline Text Output
The value returned by the process() method in the Script property.


Use this Node to automate interaction with a web page.

See for a worked example.

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