Permits execution of downstream Nodes every Interval seconds.



Type: Int32 Input
The interval (expressed in seconds) at which the trigger should fire.


Type: List Input
Determines how the timing interval should be measured.

ExactDelay - Each time the Node runs, it should delay for the for exactly the amount of time specified in Interval.
ExactInterval - Each time the Node runs it should determine the amount of time to delay by taking the time specified in Interval  and then subtracting off the time it took to execute Nodes downstream from the Node. For example, if Interval is set to 10 and it took 5 seconds to run downstream Nodes on the last iteration, then the Node will only delay 5 seconds. Use this method when you need predictable execution intervals.


Use this Node to create a very simple frequency trigger.


5 - Triggers every 5 seconds.

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