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The Thresholder node is used to take a number and split it into buckets.



Type: Multiline Text Input
This maps a number to a bucket. The bucket linked to the lowest number will be used when the input is below the lowest number, and the bucket linked to the highest number will be used when the input is greater than the highest number.

For example, CPU utilization can be:

Here are 3 buckets, anything below 30 will be Idle, between 30 (inclusive) and 80 will be normal, and above 80 (inclusive) will be high.


Type: Xml Output
An XML document that will contain a summary of all the inputs, and how many times it was in the current status, and how long it's been in the current status.


This Node requires Custom Properties to function. Add a Custom Property for each metric that needs to be evaluated.

Each metric can have it's own output property that have a suffix of _Out, and it's own ThresholdDoc that is an input Custom Property with suffix _Doc.

The _Doc properties should be created a Multiline Text properties.

If no _doc property is created, the standard ThesholdDoc property will be used.


See XXX for an example.

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