Provides a mechanism for appending strings to a variable that can be accessed from anywhere in the Workflow.

Revision History Ancient History Resolves a memory leak. Please note that in prior versions of this Node it was possible to access string content created in a child Wokflow at the parent. This is no longer possible as of v1.2.0.0 or later. If you need to pass data from a child Workflow back to a parent, that should be done exclusively through the Variable Bar.



Type: String Static
An identifier that represents the name of a variable to act on. This property is static as the variable name cannot be changed dynamically.


Type: List Input
Clear - Resets the value of the string denoted by VariableName to empty ("")
Set - Sets the value of the string denoted by VariableName to Value
Append - Appends the string in Value to the string denoted by VariableName. Value is updated with the concatenated string.
Read - Performs no action, Value will contain the current value of the string denoted by VariableName.
The Action Property


Type: Multiline Text InputOutput
Used to set, append or read the Value of the string denoted by VariableName


Use this Node to build a composite string by appending to it from multiple places in the Workflow.

A unique string variable is maintained for each unique VariableName specified in the Workflow. Ie. variables cannot be shared across multiple Workflow instances. By specifying the same VariableName in multiple String Builder Nodes on the same Workflow, the same underlying string can be manipulated from multiple places.

The value of string for a specific VariableName will not reset during the lifetime of a workflow. If for example, you wish to progressively build up a string downstream from an iterator Node like a Splitter or a trigger, you must clear the string value immediately after the iterator Node.

Note that due to the way the String Builder stores strings, you must ensure that you are using the same version of the String Builder Node across an entire Workflow.


See for an example.

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