Sends a single email using the SMTP server details specified in Connection.



Type: Connection Input

Type: String
Indicates the name or IP address of the server. If the Node is routed through a DropPoint, the Server must be accessible to the DropPoint otherwise it must be Internet-accessible.

Type: Int32
The port to use for SMTP. If omitted, the default SMTP port 25 will be used.

Type: String
Indicates the username with which to authenticate the SMTP session. Generally, an SMTP server will require credentials in order to relay email.

Type: Password
Indicates the password with which to authenticate the SMTP session.

Type: Boolean
Indicates whether an encrypted (SSL) session should be established. Encrypted sessions generally use port 465.

Provides a connection that identifies an SMTP server and credentials.


Type: String Input
Contains the email address of the sender to be used for the message.


Type: String Input
Contains a comma-separated list of recipients for the message.


Type: String Input
Contains the subject for the message.


Type: Multiline Text Input
Contains the message body. This body may be HTML, XML or text. See Remarks for further information.


Type: Boolean Input
Indicates whether the body is HTML.


Type: Boolean Input
None - No additional processing will be performed
XmlToHtmlTable - Indicates that Body contains an XML document that should be flattened to an HTML table.
Indicates how the value in Body should be processed.


Type: String Input
Provides the name for one attachment.


Type: Multiline Text Input
Provides a content input for one attachment.


Use this Node if you wish to send emails using your own SMTP server. Unlike Email Alert, Single Email allows the sender address to be specified, does not insert tracking information into the HTML body and is not subject to quota limitations.

Using BodyProcessor set to XmlToHtmlTable is a shorthand way to convert an XML document connected to Body into an HTML table.

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