Provides create, update, query and get integrations for Salesforce via it's REST API (see



Type: Connection Input
Type: String
An optional URL for the Salesforce instance. This property should only be necessary for Sandbox environments.

Type: String
The App Consumer Key (See Creating a Connection below)

Type: Password
The App Consumer Secret (See Creating a Connection below)

Type: String
The Salesforce user username.

Type: Password
The Salesforce user password.

Type: Password
The Salesforce account security token (See Creating a Connection below)

The Connection Property


Type: List Input
The Action to perform against the object in ObjectName.


Type: String Input
The name of the object to be acted upon.


Type: Xml Input
The API request. Obtain an example request by loading the choosing the appropriate Node Sample.


Type: Xml Output
The ResponseXml returned by the Salesforce API.


Creating a Connection

Register an app in your Salesforce account

  • After signing in to Salesforce, click the Setup cog (top, right of screen), then click Setup.
  • In the menu on the left, click Apps, then click App Manager.
  • Click New Connected App.
  • Provide a name for your app and API name (eg. Flowgear for both) as well as a contact email and name.
  • Tick the Enable OAuth Settings checkbox.
  • Provide a secure URL (eg. your website) in Callback URL (eg.
  • Under Selected OAuth Scopes, click Full access (full) then click the Add button.
  • Click Save, then Continue.
  • In the page that loads next, the value in Consumer Key should be copied and pasted into the ConsumerKey property in your Flowgear Salesforce Connection while the Consumer Secret (click Click to reveal) should be used in the ConsumerSecret property.

Obtain a security token for your Salesforce account

  • After signing in to Salesforce, click the Person Icon (top, right of screen), then click Settings.
  • In the menu on the left, click Reset my Security Token under My Personal Information.
  • Click the Reset Security Token button to have a new token emailed to you (note that this will invalidate any previously used tokens).
  • In the email you receive, copy the security token into the SecurityToken property in your Flowgear Salesforce Connection.

Using a Sandbox Account

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