Provides integration into Sage Pastel Partner via the Sage Pastel Partner SDK.



Type: Connection Input

Type: String
The path to the company database - eg. C:\PASTEL12\COMPANYNAME

Type: String
The path to the Pastel installation - eg. C:\PASTEL12

Defines a connection to a Pastel Partner installation and company database.


Type: List Input
The Module that will be affected by the transaction.


Type: Xml Input
The request to be sent to Pastel Partner in XML form.


Type: Xml Output
The response received back from Pastel partner in XML form.


This Node reduces the complexity of integrating into Sage Pastel by enabling integration regardless of the location of the application server. The Node also abstracts away the underlying pipe-delimited strings expected by the SDK and instead exposes well structured XML documents.

Use the Node Samples provided with this Node to get started quickly.

Requirements and Setup

The Pastel Partner Connector requires the Sage Pastel Partner SDK to be registered. There is no cost for end-users and this module can be registered by contacting Sage Pastel Support. See for more information.

The Pastel Partner Connector requires a 32bit DropPoint. Prior to first use, install the Pastel Partner SDK. Download the SDK from by following the Click here for the Sage Pastel Partner SDK download link and choosing the Download the SDK link.

Working with Pastel Partner

The Pastel Partner Connector supports writing of transactional and master data and should always be used for this purpose.

To read data, use an ODBC Query to query the PervasiveSQL database, specifying a ConnectionString in the following form:

Driver={Pervasive ODBC Client Interface}; servername=server_name_or_ip; dbq=data_source_name

Note that as with the Pastel Partner Connector, you must use a 32bit DropPoint to communicate with the PervasiveSQL database.


Refer to Node Samples for example uses.

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