The Sage Evolution Flowgear Connector enables you to integrated into Sage 200 Evolution via the Sage Evolution SDK.

Revision History - Added support for Branch Accounting and Inventory Items User Defined Field - Added support to override GL accounts on documents - Added support for user defined fields on document lines - Fixed bug where only sales orders could be completed using the order number - Removed versions before - Added the SDK for version - Added support for Reserved quantity on orders. Updated to SDK - Added support for Project field on Documents. Updated to SDK - Added support for Lot tracking on Documents and Warehouse Transfer - Created a workaround when the DocumentID is larger than an int in the db. - Added the SDK for version - Added the SDK for version - Added the SDK for version & bug fix on inventory item create - Added the SDK for version


Type: Connection Input

Type: String
The name of the SQL Server instance hosting the Evolution Company database

Type: String
The name of the Evolution Company database. Note that the SQL Database name is exactly the same as the registered company name and may contain spaces.

Type: String

Type: String

Type: Boolean
Set to true to use Windows Authentication rather than a named SQL username and password. The account used for Windows Authentication is the account under which the DropPoint service is running.

Type: String
The name of the SQL Server instance hosting the Common database. This is typically the same server as the Company database.

Type: String
The name of the Evolution Common database. This is typically EvolutionCommon

Type: String

Type: String

Type: Boolean

The Connection Property


Type: Xml Input
The RequestXml Property


Type: Xml Output
The ResponseXml Property


The Sage Evolution Connector requires the SDK Client Connector (not the Developer Connector) to be licensed. See for further information and current licensing.


The value '6.22' for [field] could not be set

You may encounter this error when attempting to set a number containing a decimal point on a specific field. This error occurs if the regional setting on the computer on which the Node is executing (i.e. the computer hosting the DropPoint) does not use a point as a decimal symbol. For example, if your locale is set to South Africa, a comma will be used instead.

To resolve this, change the decimal symbol to a point. To access this setting, open Control Panel, then Region, then Additional Settings  and change the decimal symbol under the Numbers  tab.

This will change the setting for the current user profile only. Typically DropPoints run under the LOCAL SYSTEM account so it is then necessary to copy the changed settings to the LOCAL SYSTEM account.

To do this, go back to the Region Dialog, click the Administrative tab and click Copy Settings. Tick the checkboxes Welcome screen and system accounts  as well as New user accounts and click Ok.

Restart the computer for changes to take effect.

Values are rounded to only 2 decimal places

Some items need higher decimal places on the unit price. The default is set to 2 decimal places. To increase the number of decimal places, navigate to Maintenance -> Inventory -> Inventory Defaults and set the required number of decimal places.


Refer to Node Samples for data schemas.

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