The Pick n Pay Flowgear Connector enables you to communicate with Pick n Pay’s use of the GS1 XML set of specifications for electronic trade (eTrade) documents. ETrade documents are exchanged using XML-based messages, sent using either the http/https internet protocol, using SOAP Web Service calls.



Type: Connection Input

GLN - The GLN Code assigned by Pick n Pay to a supplier
Type: String

Username - The Username used to log into
Type: String

Password - The Password used to log into
Type: String

Action - The Soap Action used by connection
Type: String

Endpoint - The Pick n Pay End Point for the specific request
Type: String


Type: Xml Input
The RequestXml Property


Type: Xml Output
The ResponseXml Property


Samples are not available for this Connector. If you would like to use this Connector, please speak to us.

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