Executes SQL queries against an ODBC data source.

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Type: Connection Input

Type: String
A .NET connection string including the provider name.

Type: String
The character that is used to denote a variable for the database (for example, MS SQL and mySQL use @ )

Type: Boolean
Set to true if the SQL database supports named (rather than indexed parameters). True for MS SQL or mySQL. MS Access databases do not support named parameters.

Type: String
Characters used to escape an object that contains characters that would otherwise be illegal. For example MS SQL uses square brackets ([]) while mySQL uses single quotes ('').

Type: String
A SELECT statement template that can be used to query the column definition of a table by returning 0 rows. The statement should be of the form select top 0 * from {table}  for MS SQL or select * from {table} limit 0  for mySQL


Type: Multiline Text Input
The Query Property


Type: Xml Output
The ResultXml Property


Use this Connector to query non-Microsoft SQL databases. Note that many older SQL engines still run in a 32bit address space which means that the 32bit ODBC Data Source Manager (%windir%\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe ) and 32bit DropPoint must be used.

Refer to Integrating with SQL Databases for additional information and connection strings.

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