Iterate a defined number of times for a repetitive operation. Equivalent to a for loop in code.



Type: String Input
An optional user-defined value that is used to link a Loop Node to a Loop Exit Node


Type: Int32 Input
The initial value in the for loop.


Type: Int32 Input
The final value in the for loop.


Type: Int32 Input
The number of units to increment by within the loop.


Type: Int32 Output
The value on the current iteration of the loop.


The Loop Node fires the Loop Output repeatedly until (Stop - Start) / Increment Iterations have occured.

On Completion, the Finished Output will fire. The Start, Stop and Increment properties can be safely modified from within the loop.

Use Loop Exit to exit the loop early.

Note that this Node will exit prior to completion of all iterations if a request is made to stop the Workflow.

See Also

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