Connects to a mailbox using IMAP and waits for incoming mail on a specified folder.

Note: Basic authentication with IMAP is now deprecated by Microsoft. If you are connecting to an Office 365 or Hosted Exchange Mailbox, replace IMAP Watcher with Microsoft Graph Email Watcher. If you need to have basic authentication temporarily enabled, follow the steps outlined at

Revision History Fixed bug where IMAP Watcher wouldn't shut down gracefully



Type: Connection Input

Type: String
The IMAP Endpoint

Type: Boolean
Whether to connect over a secure channel

Type: String
The username for the IMAP mailbox

Type: String
The password for the IMAP mailbox

Type: String
The folder to monitor for new emails - usually Inbox

Type: String
The folder to which processed emails should be moved

Type: String
The folder to which emails that could not be processed should be moved

Type: List Input
PerMessage - Indicates that the Node should fire once per email message.
PerAttachment - Indicates that the Node should fire once per attachment per email message. This is useful when it is necessary to process each attachment in a message.


Type: String Output
Contains the email address of the sender for the current email


Type: String Output
Contains the list of recipients for the current email


Type: String Output
Contains the subject for the current email


Type: Multiline Text Output
Contains the raw body for the current email


Type: String Output
Contains the name of the first attachment (if FireMethod is set to PerEmail) or the current attachment (if FireMethod is set to PerAttachment)


Type: Multiline Text Output
The AttachmentData Property
Contains the raw data for the current (or first) attachment. The attachment data is presented as a byte array


When a new email is encountered, the trigger fires and the email is moved to the ProcessedFolder, or the ErrorFolder if an error occurs during processing.

Folders should be expressed as a path using slashes as a delimiter. For example Inbox/Processed.

Set FireMethod to PerAttachment if you wish to process all attachments on an email. In this mode, the Node will fire for each attachment on an email before moving on to the next folder.


IMAP Client Exception: LOGIN failed.

Microsoft started disabling basic authentication. You need to follow this process to enable it again. Basic Authentication and Exchange Online โ€“ June 2021 Update - Microsoft Tech Community

The user must be signed in as a global administrator, not a delegated administrator.

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