Flowgear Queues provide a way to implement asynchronous workflow processing through a Site-specific Flowgear queue. This Node de-queues messages from the specified queue.

Version History Initial Release



Type: Multiline Text Output
The content of the message


Type: String
The name of the queue. This name is not case-sensitive.


Type: List Input
Text - indicates that messages will be regarded as strings
Binary - indicates that messages will be regarded as byte arrays
The data type for the queue items


Use this Node to support asynchronous Workflow patterns. Typically one Workflow will be responsible for accumulating tasks by receiving them from a consumer and loading them on to a queue. A second Workflow will then be responsible for de-queuing these tasks in order to process them asynchronously.

The queues are isolated from each other per Flowgear Site.

This Node leverages the Azure Storage SDK and includes automatic retry.

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