Allows files or folders to be monitored for changes. When a file in the specified folder matching the specified mask is created, modified or renamed, the Node will fire.

Revision History - Added support for explicit passive & active FTP, added support for custom timeout, some bug fixes - Added support for SSH Authentication by providing certificate contents, changed property names for consistency. - Updated the SFTP libaray which contains bug fixes. - Provide a meaningful error when properties are missing



Type: Connection Input
Provides a Connection and optionally a DropPoint to service the request

Type: String
The username used to authenticate access to the FTP or SFTP server

Type: String
The password used to authenticate access to FTP or SFTP server

PrivateKeyFileContentsType: Multiline Text Data
The SSH Certificate contents used to authenticate to SFTP or FTPS

Type: Boolean
When True, indicates that the target path should be created if it does not already exist.

Type: Boolean
Some servers are configured to expect the PASV command when a connection is initialized. The Node then sends the PASV command instead of the PORT command when initiating a connection to the Server.


Type: String Input
The path to the folder or file which should be watched for changes.


Type: String Input
Only files matching the mask in the specified folder will be watched, the others will be ignored.
To watch changes in all files, set the Mask property to an empty string. To watch a specific file, set the Mask property to the file name. For example, to watch for changes in the file MyDoc.txt, set the Mask property to MyDoc.txt. You can also watch for changes in a certain type of file. For example, to watch for changes in any text files, set the Mask property to *.txt. Use of multiple masks such as *.txt|*.doc is not supported.


Type: Int32 Static
The duration in seconds which the system will wait between checking for changes to the specified file/folder.


Type: Boolean Static
If True, sub folders will also be monitored for changes. If False only files in the top level directory specified will be monitored for changes.


Type: Boolean Static
If True, the node will immediately return all files which match the criteria provided when the node is executed. If not, only changes made after the node is executed cause a change event to be recognized.


Type: String Output
Provides the path to a file which has changed, been created or been renamed.


The File Watcher Trigger allows a set of files to be monitored for changes. 

The prefix provided as part of Path determines the file type as follows:

  • [Drive]:\ local drive

  • \\ UNC path for network share

  • ftp:// FTP

  • sftp://  SFTP

  • ftps:// FTPS

When accessing a local filesystem, a DropPoint must be used, not using a DropPoint will result in the error "An operation requiring File access permission was denied." Direct connections may only be used for FTP/SFTP servers.


The Username and Password or PrivateKeyFileContents provided in the Connection Property will be used to authorize FTP or SFTP sessions only. If you require specific credentials to gain access to a local file or UNC path, change the Windows Service account used by the DropPoint.

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