Converts an Excel spreadsheet to an XML document or converts an XML document to an Excel spreadsheet.

Revision History - Fixed an issue that caused generation of some documents to fail due to word dictionary handling bug. - Added Connection property to node. DropPoint connection necessary when file size > 10MB. - Fixed issues that caused a repair warning to display when attempting to open an Excel Workbook rendered by this Node. - Improved memory usage. - Fixed bug when opening a file. Check the Insert Headers by default. - Fixed bug on Insert. - Fixed IndexOutOfRangeException bug - Fixed parsing issue on some edge cases. - Fixed parsing issue on some edge cases. - Fixed sheet insertion issue around whitespaces in cells leading to key already existing exception.



Description: Open existing document, create a new one or insert into an existing document.
Direction: Input
Type: List


Description: Allows you to specify the type of formatting on the resulting Excel document.
Direction: Input
Type: List


Description: The table Xml which is returned when opening an Excel document, used to create a new Excel document or insert a worksheet into an existing Excel document.
Direction: Input / Output
Type: Xml


Description: The Excel document as a byte array. Use a variable (Variable Bar Node) with a type of 'File' to upload and download Excel documents. Used for the Open Action
Direction: Input / Output
Type: Multiline Text


Description: This property is only used for the Insert Action. Allows the supplied Excel document to create a new sheet with the data from the TableXml property
Direction: Input
Type: Multiline Text


Only the OpenOffice file format is supported (ie. xlsx file extension).

When using the Insert action, if a worksheet with the same name already exists, the worksheet with the specified name will be replaced.

When using the Create action, it is necessary to have a Connection Property set.

Number & Date Formats

If you are parsing a date cell and it is being returned as a number, change the cell formatting for the entire row to a Date (or other appropriate) format.


See for examples.

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