Permits notification emails to be sent to one or more recipients. Emails sent via this Node appear from and tracking information is appended to the message body. - Added errors when attachment specified without attachment name or vice versa. - Cleaned up the HTML of the emails. - Changed internal authentication. Fixed Workflow and Site links - Added functionality to add multiple attachments. See remarks. - Added rate limiting to the Node. - Fixed a bug on rate limiting



Type: String
The email address(es) of the message's recipient(s). Multiple email addreses should be seperated by a semi colon e.g.;


Type: String
The email subject.


Type: Multiline Text
The email body, may be plain text or HTML.


Type: Boolean
Indicates whether the Body property contains text or HTML.


Description: The PreparedBody Property
Direction: Output
Type: Multiline Text


Type: List
None - Process the body as normal text based on the HtmlBody property.
XmlToHtmlTable - Treats the content of the Body property as an XML document and renders it to an HTML table.
Indicates how the content in the Body Property should be processed


Type: String
The name of the file attachment if the Attachment Property contains an attachment.


Type: Multiline Text
The content of an attachment. Content can be a byte array or string.


Use this Node to send notification and/or logging emails. The sender address is fixed as Tracking information appended to the email enables the recipient to identify the Site and Workflow that was responsible for sending the email.

Mutiple Attachments:

To add multiple attachments, custom properties need to be added for each attachment name and value starting with Attachment / AttachmentName followed by a number. eg.

Attachment1: content for attachment1

AttachmentName1: attachment1.txt

Attachment2: content for attachment 2

AttachmentName2: attachment2.txt


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