Provides a way to cache (persist) string or binary data against the specified Key in low-latency storage.



Type: List Input
Create - Creates a new cache or replaces the existing one.
Append - Appends to an existing cache or creates a new one if it doesn't exist.
Read - Returns the entire value stored against the specified Key.
Delete - Deletes the value stored against the specified Key.
Specifies the action to perform against the cache represented by Key.


Type: List Input
String - Indicates that the cache should be treated as a String
Binary - Indicates that the cache should be treated as a Byte
Specifies the data type to use when reading or writing the cache.


Type: String Input
An identifier on which to key the data being referenced.


Type: Multiline Text InputOutput
The value associated with the specified Key. For Action Create and Append, this property is an input. For Action Read, this property is an output. For Action Delete, this property is ignored.


Use this Node to store frequently accessed or immutable data. Separate cache instances are managed per Site and each site may store a maximum of 50MB of data.

The Cacher backs onto persisted storage and permits data to be shared across Workflow instances and Workflows. If the content in a cache is being built up progressively (for example by using the Append Action), take care to avoid race conditions where another Workflow multiple workflows may be accessing the same cache content simultaneously.

To progressively build up a string in memory (ie. without persistence), use String Builder.

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