Provides a way to read and write Azure blobs from a string or byte array.

Version History - Added support for SAS Token authentication - Added support for meta data, and connection injection - Added the CreateContainerIfNotExist



Type: Connection
Type: String
The name of the Azure Storage account

Type: String
Selection to choose whether the AccountKey property contain the Account Key or a SAS Token.

Type: Password
The access key to use when accessing the Azure Storage account (shown under the Access Keys pane in the Azure portal)

Type: String
The name of the container (shown in the Overview pane in the Azure portal)


Type: List Input
Read - reads the value of the blob at BlobName into the BlobContent property
Write - writes the value in BlobContent to the blob named BlobName
Delete - deletes the blob named BlobName
The Action Property


Type: String Input
The name of the blob to act on


Type: List Input
Text - treats BlobContent as a string
Binary- treats BlobContent as a byte array
The type of data being read or written


Type: Multiline Text InputOutput
The content of the blob being read or written. An error will occur if the data type of this property does not match that specified in BlobType


Use this Node to read and write blobs from memory, inline within a Flowgear Workflow.

This Node leverages the Azure Storage SDK and includes automatic retry.

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