Provides a way to move large files into Azure Blob Storage or read large blobs into a local file.



Type: Connection
Type: String
The name of the Azure Storage account

Type: Password
The access key to use when accessing the Azure Storage account (shown under the Access Keys pane in the Azure portal)

Type: String
The name of the container (shown in the Overview pane in the Azure portal)


Type: List Input
CopyFileToBlob - Copy a local file into an Azure blob. If the blob already exists it will be overwritten.
CopyBlobToFile - Copy an Azure blob to a local file. If the file already exists, it will be overwritten.
The Action Property


Type: String Input
The name of the Azure Blob within the container specified.


Type: String Input
The path to a local file.


Use this Node to transfer large files to and from Blob Storage via a DropPoint.

This Node leverages the Azure Storage SDK and includes automatic retry and multi-threaded transfers over https.

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