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Workflow Design Basics
Workflow Design Basics
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Design Canvas

All objects in the Workflow are added to the design canvas. You can move around the design canvas by dragging it and zoom in or out using the mouse scroll wheel.


Nodes are the building blocks of a Workflow. Build an integration by adding a series of Nodes and connecting them together with Flow Connectors

  • To add a Node to the Design Canvas, click + 

  • For context options like help and Samples, click on the Node Header

  • To move a Node, drag it by the Node Header (the top strip where the name of the Node is displayed)

  • To add a descriptive name to a Node, click the Node Header

  • To toggle selection of a Node, click the Node icon or drag a rectangle around the desired selection of Nodes while holding CTRL.

  • To delete a Node, click  on the Node Header then choose Delete or select the Node and click the trash icon at the bottom of the design Pane

  • Use the Copy, Cut and Paste buttons at the bottom of the Design Pane to work with selections of Nodes

Flow Connectors

There are two kinds of Flow Connectors - Execution Flow Connectors and Data Flow Connectors.

Execution Flow Connectors govern the sequence of execution of Nodes and usually connect between Node Headers (the exceptions to this are the Start Node and Nodes that have multiple Execution Outputs like If or Choose).

Data Flow Connectors control how data moves between Nodes. They connect between properties on Nodes.

  • To add a Flow Connector, drag from an Execution Output or Property Output (circle on the right-hand side of a Node) to an Execution Input or Property Input (circle on the left-hand side of a Node)

  • To change a Flow Connector, drag anywhere along the length of the Flow Connector in order to connect it to a different target

  • To delete a Flow Connector, drag it anywhere along the length of the Flow Connector and release the drag without connecting it to a new target.

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