Provides integration into Sage One via its REST API, documented at

This Connector provides integration into Sage One for Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, UK and US. For other regions, check the Sage One Connector. If you do not see your region listed, please contact us.

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Type: Connection Input

Type: String

Type: String

Type: Password

Type: Password

Provides connection information. Do not fill out these details manually, instead click the Connect your Account button to configure the Connection.


Type: List Input
Get - Retrieves a specific record by it's ID
Find - Returns basic details of a set of records matching the specified criteria
Create - Creates a new record
Update - Updates an existing record
Delete - Deletes an existing record
Specifies the Action to perform against the Module.


Type: String Input
Specifies the Module to act on.


Type: Xml Input
Provides the integration request document.


Type: Xml Output
Returns the integration response document.


Setting up a Connection

The Sage One API uses OAuth to authorize Flowgear's access to a Sage One company. Create a new Flowgear Connection, select the Sage One Global Connector under Node  and then click Connect my Account  to begin the OAuth process.

Flowgear will automatically handle refresh of expired tokens and the Connection properties should not be modified directly.


The Sage One Global Node supports dynamic samples - these samples can be loaded from the Node Sample Pane.

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