Provides the ability to view and insert items in a SharePoint Online List.

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Type: Connection Input

Type: String
The full URL to the SharePoint Site. E.g.

Type: String
The username of a user with rights to the List that will be accessed.

Type: Password
The password for the username specified above.


Type: List Input
View - Retrieves the content of the specified List as an XML Document
Insert - Inserts the items specified in ListXml into the SharePoint Online List
Provides the action to perform against the List.


Type: String Input
Provides the name of the List.


Type: Xml InputOutput
When Action is View, returns an XML representation of the List. When Action  is Insert,provide an XML representation of the new items to insert into the List.


Use this Node to perform retrieve and insert operations against a named SharePoint Online list.

When Action is set to View, a large number of meta data fields will be returned. It is not necessary to specify these fields when performing an insert by setting Action to Insert. For insert operations, simply provide the fields that you explicitly want to set.

This Node must be run at a DropPoint.

The sign-in name or password does not match one in the Microsoft account system.

Try switching off 2 Factor authentication on the account if it is enabled.


See for examples.

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