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Type: Connection Input

Type: String
The name or IP address of the server hosting the PostGreSQL Server instance. Specify a DropPoint if you need to access a SQL instance that is not Internet-exposed.

Type: String
The name of the database to connect to.

Type: String
The SQL username to be used for the connection.

Type: Password
The SQL password to be used for the connection.


Type: List

Determines what SSL configuration to use. See Client Verification of Server Certificates.


Use this Connector to execute PostgreSQL queries against a PostgreSQL Server instance.

SQL Parameters via Custom Properties

Flowgear Custom Properties can be added to this Node to make SQL parameters available in the Query Property. Use of a Custom Property is shown in the linked example workflow (see Examples below).

Other Nodes for SQL databases

If you are updating values in a table based on keys, consider using PostgreSQL Table Update instead of crafting update statements.


The patterns from and can be used to request and emit a single page of data respectively. Simply replace the Microsoft SQL Query Node with the PostgreSQL node found here:

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