Data Flow Connector expressions allow part of a document to be obtained without having to add extra steps to the Workflow.

This video shows how Activity Log data can be used to automatically obtain sample data.

When you're creating a Data Flow Connector that pushes a JSON or XML document from one Node to another, you can choose to provide a JSON Path expression that returns only the part of the document you're interested in. Hover the Data Flow connector and click the fx  button that appears. 

In the textbox that displays, provide a JSON Path expression to return the desired part of the document.

If you have sample data in the source Node Property, a treeview picker will also be displayed allowing you to select an element out of the source document.

In the example above, the value of the email property returned in the ResponseXml payload will be directly pushed into the Custom Property email  on the If Node.

Note that the path specified should always be a JSON Path even if the document being referenced is an XML document.

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