Permanently stores a Value  against a Key, collated under a Group. The value associated with the key can then be queried by using Get Key-Value or Get Key-Values from any Workflow in the Site.

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Type: String Input
Provides a collation of related key-values. For example invoices.


Type: String Input
Provides the key for the key-value pair.


Type: String Input
Provides the value for key-value pair.


Type: List Input
Provides optional status metadata for the record identified by the key-value pair. Note that these statuses have no internal effect in Flowgear.


Key-Value pairs provide a fast technique for permanently creating associations between equivalent records in a source and a target app or service.

Example scenario:

  • A workflow retrieves an order placed in an e-commerce platform (order 232 )

  • The order is integrated into an accounting system. On completion, the accounting system generates it's own order number ORD00412 

  • Use the Set Key-Value Node to associate Key 232  with Value ORD00412 

  • If a change is made to the order in the e-commerce platform and that change needs to be integrated into the accounting system, use the Get Key-Value Node to determine the correlating order ID when the update is made to the accounting system

Key-Values are shared between site environments, and we recommend including the environment in the group name if it needs to be specific to an environment. Ensure the new group name will be less than 50 characters.


See for examples.

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