Dear Partners,

We would like to assist you with listing Integration as a Service Offering on you website and give your clients access to our weekly platform demo.

As per the recent Strategy Session, we recommend:

1. Listing ‘INTEGRATION & AUTOMATION’ as a Service/Solution on the menu

section and/or the home page of your website.

2. Creating a dedicated webpage describing the partnership and specifically

giving your users access to register for our Platform Demo.

To help you with this content, we have created a sample landing page with key concepts that you can reference. Feel free to use the text, videos and images on this page at your discretion. To access the content files, refer to our Shared Assets.

Demo Registration Iframe

We have seen overwhelming success from partners who have provided potential clients with access to register for the free platform demo, directly from their website.

By adding this Webinar Registration IFrame to the landing page and embedding the proposed link below, will are able to share each lead and their respective contact details with you for direct follow up as well as registering them against your partnership account for possible commission.

Once you've created the content for the page, you'll need to embed the link to the webinar registration. Here's how to do that:

  1. Use the Chat in our Console or send an email to to request your partner IFrame Link.

  2. Embed a registration page using the IFrame link above.

UTM Links on the Landing Page:

For each of the links below replace “insert-partner-name” with your company name (one word e.g. internetsolutions)

Link 1: “In partnership with Flowgear”

Link 2: “Flowgear Logo”

Link 3: Free Trial & POC Button

Link 4: “Click here to learn more or sign up below.”


If you need any help setting this up, please send us a message via the Console or send an email to We'd be happy to help you add content to your website and assist with embedding the IFrame.

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