The Flowgear Dashboard provides high-level resource utilization data as well as a set of customizable charts based on Key/Value Groups.

Resource Utilization Graphs in the Dashboard

Active Workflows

This graph shows the peak number of Workflows that have been Active over the measurement period. A Workflow is active while it is executing so Always On Workflows are considered Active continuously while on-demand or API-invoked Workflows are considered Active only for the period of time for which they execute.

Active Workflows by Mode

This graph shows the peak number of Workflows that have been Active but provides a separate line for those that were activated via API and those that were activated as Always On.

Workflow Starts

This graph separately displays the number of top-level Workflows and sub-Workflows that were started over the time period.

Node Invokes

This graph shows the number of Nodes invoked along with the number that resulted in errors over the time period.

Key/Value Groups on the Dashboard

About Key/Value Groups

You can use Key/Value Nodes to tag data as it's being processed in Flowgear using the Set Key Value and Set Key Values Nodes.

Set Key Value enables you to tag a single record while Set Key Values allows you to tag multiple records at once.

The Key component is an identifier for the source record while the Value component is an identifier for the target record or the status of the integration.

For example, if you're building a Workflow to sync orders from an e-commerce platform into an ERP, you can set the Key to be the order ID in the e-commerce platform while the Value could either be the generated order ID in the ERP or an error message if the sync failed.

Once you've saved that data, you can query it using the Get Key Value and Get Key Values Nodes as part of your Workflow design. For example, you can build a reporting Workflow that uses Get Key Values to query all orders integrated over the past 24 hours and then generates a spreadsheet of that data and emails to someone.

Configuring which Key/Value Groups display on the Dashboard

You can configure which Key/Values show up on the Dashboard from the Manage Key/Value Groups Pane.

If you don't see the name of the Group you'd like display, click the Find Key/Value Groups button to discover available data.

Select one of the Groups to configure how it appears on the dashboard.

In the Key/Value Group Detail Pane, you can choose to include the Group by toggling Include in Dashboard. You can also set the name of the Dashboard Panel (row) you'd like the Group to display within and choose it's position (0 is first, 1 is second, etc).

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