Adding a New Account

You can add a new Account in Flowgear any time you need a different organisation to be billed. If you are a Flowgear Partner, you should create a new Account for any new prospect or customer.

To add a new Account, click the top-right nav, then click Accounts & Subscriptions.

A new page will open with your list of accounts. Click + (top centre of page), provide an Account name and click OK. You can now select the Account you have created from the list.

Adding a Subscription to your Account

If you are a Flowgear Partner and have registered a new opportunity with us, we'll send you a coupon for a Sandbox plan.

To redeem a coupon, paste the coupon code into the Coupon Code textbox and click Redeem.

A new Subscription will be displayed. If you want to allocate an existing Site into the new Subscription, select it from the Allocated Sites dropdown, otherwise follow the steps in Adding a new Site below.

Adding a new Site

To add a new Site, open the top-right nav and click Add a new Site.

Provide a Name for the Site, select the Account, select the Subscription and then select the Pod. The Pod is the region the Site will be provisioned into. Finally, click Add Site.

Once the Site has been created, it will show up under the subscription you selected in the Accounts & Subscriptions area.

Managing User Permissions against a Site

You can manage the users who have access to a Flowgear Site as well as their permission levels. Switch to the Site you want from the top-right nav.

When you have selected the appropriate Site, click the top-right nav and click Manage Site Users.

To add a new user, type in the users' email address. If the user does not have a Flowgear account, you'll be prompted to fill in additional details.

To change user permissions, hover a user account and click the appropriate security group. If you are the owner of a Site, ensure you have the Site Administrator Security Group enabled.

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