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Type: Connection Input
The Connection Property

Type: String

The Base Url is the api endpoint that Flowgear is expected to talk to. Currently the default for this is Under special conditions this can change.

Type: String

Your WebService User id.

Type: Password

Your WebService user password.

Type: String
Your company id.


Type: String Input
The Action Property describes what type of action you are performing based on what sample was selected.


Type: String Input
The Object Property gives an idea of what type of object you'll be interacting with, this is based on the sample you select.


Type: Multiline Text Input
The Request Property contains the space with which you are expected to place the data to-be-sent to Intacct.


Type: Boolean Output
The HadError Property


Type: Multiline Text Output
The Response Property contains relevant Intacct API responses.


Before one can use web services with a company, web service authorizations must be granted for Flowgear.

Should this step not be completed, you will run into the error below:

The sender ID ‘<SenderID>’ is not authorized to make Web Services requests to company ID ‘<CompanyID>’.

Resolution: Ask the company administrator to review the Web Services authorizations list on the Company Configuration Security tab, and add your sender ID if it’s not present [Source]. The process is shown in the images below:


Samples are generated using the Postman samples available from the Sage Intacct API Reference, found here,

Please refer to that link for additional information on the endpoints and the API in general.

Often times one has to query specific fields from an Intacct object or filter on said fields. See for an example of how to retrieve these field names so that they may be used in your request.

See Also

Sage Marketplace contains the necessary documentation for setting up the Sage Intacct environment for integration.

You can also request those documents directly from us.

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