Monitors a Microsoft Outlook inbox using Azure Active Directory and Graph API calls to trigger Flowgear integrations based on incoming email message properties.

This node requires configuration in two parts:
1 - For documentation around configuring an application to monitor email inboxes, see Configuring Azure for Microsoft Graph Email Watcher.

2 - In order to use this node on your site, specific site-level permissions must be granted. Submit a ticket to Flowgear Support requesting access to Microsoft Graph Email Watcher.

Revision History Initial Release Added support for nesting folders by one level e.g. Inbox/Processed Fixed a bug pertaining to the MonitoredFolder property Fixed a bug pertaining to child folders. Fixed bug where only the first 10 folders could be used.



Type: Connection Input
The Connection Property

Type: String
The ID of the Azure Active Directory tenant

Type: String
The Id of the enterprise application which has been registered in Azure.

Type: String
The email address of the mailbox to monitor.

Type: String
The name of the folder which will be monitored for incoming messages.

Type: String
The name of the folder to which messages will be moved once parsed by this connector.

Type: String
The folder to which the connector will attempt to move the messages in-case-of a parsing error.

Type: Multiline Text
The base64 encoded string of your password-protected certificate in .PFX format.

Type: Password
The password to decrypt the abovementioned certificate.

Type: List
PerMessage - The connector will trigger once per email. If there are multiple attachments only the first one will be returned.
PerAttachment - The connector will trigger per attachment in the received email.


Type: String Output
The Sender Property provides the originating email address of the message.


Type: Multiline Text Output
The Recipients Property lists all of the recipients of the incoming message. Note: the recipients and CC recipients are combined into a single list with the recipients at the top.


Type: String Output
The Subject Property contains the subject of the message being parsed.


Type: Multiline Text Output
The Body Property contains the body of the message being parsed.


Type: String Output
The AttachmentName Property holds the name of the attachment being parsed.


Type: Multiline Text Output
The AttachmentData Property contains a byte array (byte[]) of the attachment contents.


Type: String Output
The EmailDate Property contains the date at which the email was sent.


Limiting Permissions

This connector for Exchange Online uses the Microsoft Graph API and is authorized via a client certificate. As this node requires an application grant for Mail.ReadWrite which permits it to read all mailboxes and write to all mailboxes (for the mail move operation), it's very important that the access of the app is limited to specific mailboxes by following the guidance in the article below:

Limiting application permissions to specific Exchange Online mailboxes

Configuring the Required Enterprise Application

The steps to generating a certificate and configuration will be linked to here.

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