Provides a way to execute a LINQ query against JSON or XML data. LINQ (Language INtegrated Query) enables a SQL-style query to be executed against a data source.

Revision History Initial Release Fixed bug that affected ability to parse a JSON InputDocument



Type: Multiline Text Input
The input document for the query. JSON or XML are supported.


Type: Multiline Text Input
The LINQ expression to execute against InputDocument. See Remarks for more details.


Type: List Input
The Emit Property
Json - Indicates that the result of the query should be rendered to a JSON document.
Xml - Indicates that the result of the query should be rendered to an XML document. If the query returns an array at the root level, a root XML element called Results will be created with the child elements named Result .


Type: Multiline Text Output
The OutputDocument Property


LINQ is a Microsoft .NET Framework Component that enables querying of data sources using a SQL-like syntax and provides powerful script-based data transformation. If you are unfamiliar with LINQ, you can read about Getting Started with LINQ on Microsoft Docs.


See for an example.

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