Provides a simple way to parse a text document against a template. Returns an XML document that contains all matched fields.



Type: Multiline Text Input
The document containing information that needs to be matched to fields.


Type: Multiline Text Input
A template showing the structure of the document and containing tags that represent the fields that need to be matched.


Type: Xml Output
An XML document containing all the matched fields.


Use this Node to easily retrieve a set of fields from a text document.

If individual fields are required (as opposed to an XML document containing all fields), chain an XPath Match Node onto this Node.

Line Handling

To simplify setting up a template, matching is insensitive to the type of line ending. The matching is however sensitive to the number of lines (for example, a template containing a single empty line won't match a document containing two empty lines). When a field contains a line break, it is always encoded Windows-style (\r\n).


See for an example.

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