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Removes hierarchy in an XML document so that elements are rendered in order of their original depth in a flat hierarchy. This is useful if you are converting an XML document to a human-readable report (for example, you can use the output of this Node to render a spreadsheet using the Excel Node).

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Type: Xml Input
The incoming XML document.


Type: List Input
Indicates how the document hierarchy should be flattened
ColumnAsNodeName - Original element names are preserved
TableAndColumnAsNodeName - New element names are composed of original element name preceded by the parent element name
ColumnAsRowHeader - An additional series of elements containing values that provide the original element names are inserted as a first "row" in the resulting document (used to create a human-readable report)
TableAndColumnAsRowHeader - As above but the names are provided in the form parent element name.element name
TableOnceAndColumnAsRowHeader - As above but the parent element nameis only included when it is different to the preceding parent element name


Type: Xml Output
The resultant XML document.


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