File Enumerator

Enumerates all files matching the specified criteria in the specified location. Includes support for local files, UNC paths. FTP, SFTP and FTPS.

This Node has been replaced by File Enumerate, FTP Enumerate, SFTP Enumerate and should not be used for new Workflows. These Nodes are only available in the 2023 Refresh.

Revision History - Added support for explicit passive & active FTP, added support for custom timeout, some bug fixes - Added support for SSH Authentication by providing certificate contents, changed property names for consistency. - Updated the SFTP library which contains bug fixes. - Updated the node to re-evaluate the files when an input property changed. - Fixed bug where list of files is not re-evaluated when run downstream from a trigger - Fixed bug where TotalRows was cleared when the Finished output is fired. - Provide a meaningful error when properties are missing - Upgraded Libraries, Improved SFTP, FTP&FTPS Support, Sub-folder file enumeration on all FTP types, QoL fixes. - Replaced IncludeSubDirectories property with FolderDepthLimit property. Allows for more granularity around result size. - Fix to correctly surface inner exception in FTP Error cases.

Added override for FTP encryption mode in connection properties.



Type: Connection Input
Provides a Connection and optionally a DropPoint to service the request.

Type: String
The username used to authenticate access to the FTP or SFTP server

Type: String
The password used to authenticate access to FTP or SFTP server

Type: Multiline Text Data
The SSH Certificate contents used to authenticate to SFTP.

Type: String
The SHA-1 Fingerprint of the certificate of the FTPS server to connect to. Submitted as numbers and all uppercase letters, no colons. Note that leaving this field empty will trust any certificate presented by the server.

Type: Boolean
When True****, indicates that the target path should be created if it does not already exist.

Type: Boolean
Some servers are configured to expect the PASV command when a connection is initialized. The Node then sends the PASV command instead of the PORT command when initiating a connection to the Server.


Type: String Input
The path to the directory from which files should be listed.


Type: String Input
The search string to match against the names of files in the path.
Filter can be a combination of literal and wildcard characters, but doesn't support regular expressions. The following wildcard specifiers are permitted in Filter. * (asterisk) Zero or more characters in that position. ? (question mark) Zero or one character in that position. Characters other than the wildcard are literal characters. Filter cannot end in two periods ("..") or contain two periods ("..") followed by Directory Separator Character, nor can it contain any invalid characters.


Type: Integer Input
Specifies to what extent sub-directories should be evaluated. If no input is supplied, defaults to 0, meaning that sub-directory contents is not evaluated. The directory path supplied to the node acts as level 0, and a sub-directory inside the supplied path would be considered level 1.


Type: Boolean Input
When true, the full path to the file will be provided on the FileName output. When false, only the file name will be provided.


Type: String Output
Returns the name of each file found in turn.


Type: Int32 Output
An incrementing counter, returning the index of the current file in the returned list.


Type: Int32 Output
Returns the total number of files which match the supplied criteria.


The File Enumerator enumerates files based on the specified criteria.

The prefix provided as part of DirectoryPath determines the file type as follows:

  • [Drive]:\ local drive
  • \\ UNC path for network share
  • ftp:// FTP
  • sftp:// SFTP
  • ftps:// FTPS

When accessing a local filesystem, a DropPoint must be used, not using a DropPoint will result in the error "An operation requiring File access permission was denied." Direct connections may only be used for FTP/SFTP servers.

As of Version, the File Watcher Node is no longer executable in Run From Cloud configuration and should instead be run from a DropPoint. Should the from cloud configuration be required, this can be arranged by submitting a support ticket.


The Username and PasswordorClientPrivateKeyFileContents provided in the ConnectionProperty will be used to authorize FTP or SFTP sessions only. If you require specific credentials to gain access to a local file or UNC path, change the Windows Service account used by the DropPoint.

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